RSChips Terms of Service

  • The games on the site of RSChips are for entertainment purposes only.
  • The required minimum age to use our website is 18.
  • Any gold obtained through playing games hosted by RSChips is purely for increasing in-game wealth.
  • Any and all gold obtained is for the sole purpose of Runescape© gameplay.
  • Any other use of the gold attempted or realized is outside of the accepted Terms of Service and will lead to immediate termination of your RSChips profile and forfeiture of any current Runescape© balance that is held.
  • RSChips takes no responsibility for any loss whether monetary or virtual.
  • It is your responsibility as a user of RSChips to read the Terms of Service before accessing the site on every visit.
  • Your RSChips balance is only a representation of the current value of Runescape© gold we are holding on your behalf.
  • All bets and transactions are indefinite.
  • If using RSChips is illegal for you in your jurisdiction, using this site is illegal.
  • If you do not agree to any of our Terms of Service it is your responsibility to leave RSChips.

Defect Policy

  • If you discover any bug or technical problem in RSChips, please report it to a staff member.
  • If a technical malfunction or bug is the cause of losing Rscasino wallet, this must be admitted to the authorities within a month or the balance is non-elligable for refund.
  • We may reward anyone for discovering and reporting a bug depending on the severity of the bug.
  • We do not allow the selling of anything via RSChips.
  • We log all user information in case evidence is needed to support possible investigation.
  • Do not harass any users/workers
  • When a person is seen harassing anyone, please report this to the staff and ignore that person.
  • If a bug report is not in line with our data logs, it will not be accepted.
  • While we do appreciate users writing in with ideas for improvements and new features occasionally, there is no obligation for us to take you up on that idea, nor are you entitled to a reward for the idea, nor can you claim ownership of the idea.

Code of Conduct

  • Do not grief or harass, bully or crybully users / site staff.
  • Cooperation is required when asked for by authorities.
  • Do not steal, scam or cheat.
  • Do not spam or post offensive messages.
  • When a person is seen harassing anyone, please report this to the authorities and ignore that person.
  • We do not allow the selling of anything via RSChips. RSChips is not a trading site.
  • Do not spread confidential secret of any RSChips user.
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